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Music Video

Select music videos done for clients under a variety of production studios and producers.

Windows Up

WINDOWS UP is a music video with music by IDK.  The video was produced by Psycho Films, premiered on Adult Swim and is part of a larger series of music videos from the album IWASVERYBAD detailing IDK's upbringing in PG County, Maryland.


Direction - Josh Heineman, IDK

Animation - Josh Heineman

Music - IDK

Producer - Psycho Films, HXLY Tribe


VICE News - Watch IDK Create Chaos in a New Short 'IWASVERYBAD' - Don’t miss IDK’s vibrant short film, ‘IWASVERYBAD’

What is

WHAT IS is a music video with music by Curt Oren.  This animation revolves around the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment and was screened in cities across America as part of Curt Oren's 2015 tour cycle.

Direction - Josh Heineman

Animation - Josh Heineman

Music - Curt Oren

Producer - Curt Oren


The Daily Psychedelic Video - “What Is”- music video for Curt Oren directed by Josh Heineman

Imperius Rex

IMPERIUS REX is a music video with music by the late great Sean Price.  Produced by, I worked with a small team of artists and videographers as lead character animator and director.

Direction - Josh Heineman & Yo-Yo Lin

Animation - Josh Heineman & Yo-Yo Lin

Music - Sean Price

Producer - The Family LLC


Ambrosia For Heads - Sean Price Goes Ape On Alchemist Production In The 1st Video To His Upcoming Album

The Industry Cosign - Sean Price ‘Imperius Rex’

Miss Info - New Video: Sean Price “Imperius Rex” (Prod. The Alchemist)

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