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Educational Work

Promotional videos done for Benchmark Education.  These videos were directed by me and Dominic Stobart of Benchmark Education to build worlds in which books and illustrations would come to life. 

Direction - Josh Heineman, Dominic Stobart

Animation - Josh Heineman

Produced by - Benchmark Education

Reycraft Books Promo

This promotional animation seamlessly combines illustrations from 16 different Reycraft Books titles through the use of clever transitions to represent the vibrant world of Reycraft Books.


PDEssentials is a series of guides for teachers who are teaching reading to K-12 students. Each book features a promotional animation similar to the piece featured above that includes interview of the authors and a look into the book. I designed the animation and overall look of the promo series.

Alphabet Songs - The Letter Z

The Alphabet Songs are a series of 26 animated music videos, one for each letter of the alphabet.  I was responsible for storyboarding and animating this piece.

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